"I just want to be happy." - Everybody


also offers trainings and keynote speaking for personal and professional development for businesses and the general public. Heidi's expertise as a human behavorist, combined with a business degree, makes for winning combination to address a multitude of topics in the area of human and organizational dynamics. She is a Certified Peoplemap Trainer, and uses The
Peoplemap System for helping people understand how personality informs relationships. Sample topics for workshops include: 

  • improving interpersonal dynamics and communication skills
  • managing conflict, at home or in the workplace
  • assertiveness training
  • breaking the people pleasing cycle
  • get colleagues and management to listen your ideas
  • improve productivity and foster teamwork
  • building confidence
  • dealing with difficult people
  • staying a couple through life's stages
  • parenting in a new age
  • managing stress

Heidi's has a no-nonsense style of presenting that is lighthearted and entertaining. Whether she is counseling or public speaking, she truly enjoys helping people learn, grow and heal.

Contact information:
Phone: 603/716-1282
E-mail: hpage

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